25 Days of Wells and Bering

…or Bering and Wells

Day 01 - Favorite Myka episode 
Day 02 - Favorite HG episode 
Day 03 - Favorite Myka scene 
Day 04 - Favorite HG scene
Day 05 - Favorite Myka/HG moment from Season 2
Day 06 - Favorite Myka/HG moment from Season 3
Day 07 - Favorite Myka/HG quote from Season 2
Day 08 - Favorite Myka/HG quote from Season 3
Day 09 - Favorite Myka/HG eye!sex from Season 2
Day 10 - Favorite Myka/HG eye!sex from Season 3
Day 11 - Favorite Victorian!HG scene
Day 12 - Favorite Myka attire
Day 13 - Favorite HG attire
Day 14 - Favorite fanfic
Day 15 - Something that happened (to either lady or both) you wish hadn’t
Day 16 - Favorite fanmade video
Day 17 - A song that reminds you of their relationship
Day 18 - Favorite headcanon
Day 19 - Favorite Myka facial expression/quirk
Day 20 - Favorite HG facial expression/quirk
Day 21 - Favorite Myka moment with someone other than HG
Day 22 - Favorite HG moment with someone other than Myka
Day 23 - Favorite Myka hair!porn
Day 24 - Favorite HG hair!porn
Day 25 - What you think should happen to this couple on the show

A little project I’m cooking up in time for Christmas. A big thanks to Mondo for helping me complete the list. I’ll start posting Dec 1st. I’m all sorts of excited. Mondo will be joining me in this endeavor. Everyone should, too! ;)

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